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教程部分 - - - -
Deep Learning with PyTorch: A 60 Minute Blitz @bat67 100% @AllenZYJ
What is PyTorch? @bat67 100% @AllenZYJ
Autograd: Automatic Differentiation @bat67 100% @AllenZYJ
Neural Networks @bat67 100% @AllenZYJ
Training a Classifier @bat67 100% @AllenZYJ
Optional: Data Parallelism @bat67 100%
Data Loading and Processing Tutorial @yportne13 100%
Learning PyTorch with Examples @bat67 100% @Smilexuhc
Transfer Learning Tutorial @jiangzhonglian 100% @infdahai
Deploying a Seq2Seq Model with the Hybrid Frontend @cangyunye 100%
Saving and Loading Models @bruce1408 100%
What is torch.nn really? @lhc741 100%
Finetuning Torchvision Models @ZHHAYO 100%
Spatial Transformer Networks Tutorial @PEGASUS1993 100% @Smilexuhc
Neural Transfer Using PyTorch @bdqfork 100%
Adversarial Example Generation @cangyunye 100% @infdahai
Transfering a Model from PyTorch to Caffe2 and Mobile using ONNX @PEGASUS1993 100%
Chatbot Tutorial @a625687551 100%
Generating Names with a Character-Level RNN @hhxx2015 100%
Classifying Names with a Character-Level RNN @hhxx2015 100%
Deep Learning for NLP with Pytorch @bruce1408 100%
Introduction to PyTorch @guobaoyo 100%
Deep Learning with PyTorch @bdqfork 100%
Word Embeddings: Encoding Lexical Semantics @sight007 100% @Smilexuhc
Sequence Models and Long-Short Term Memory Networks @ETCartman 100%
Advanced: Making Dynamic Decisions and the Bi-LSTM CRF @JohnJiangLA
Translation with a Sequence to Sequence Network and Attention @mengfu188 100%
DCGAN Tutorial @wangshuai9517 100%
Reinforcement Learning (DQN) Tutorial @friedhelm739 100%
Creating Extensions Using numpy and scipy @cangyunye 100%
Custom C++ and CUDA Extensions @P3n9W31
Extending TorchScript with Custom C++ Operators @sunxia233
Writing Distributed Applications with PyTorch @firdameng 100%
PyTorch 1.0 Distributed Trainer with Amazon AWS @yportne13 100%
ONNX Live Tutorial @PEGASUS1993 100%
Loading a PyTorch Model in C++ @talengu 100%
Using the PyTorch C++ Frontend @solerji 100%
文档部分 - - - -
Autograd mechanics @PEGASUS1993 100%
Broadcasting semantics @PEGASUS1993 100%
CUDA semantics @jiangzhonglian 100%
Extending PyTorch @PEGASUS1993 100%
Frequently Asked Questions @PEGASUS1993 100%
Multiprocessing best practices @cvley 100%
Reproducibility @WyattHuang1
Serialization semantics @yuange250 100%
Windows FAQ @PEGASUS1993 100%
torch @yiran7324
torch.Tensor @hijkzzz 100%
Tensor Attributes @yuange250 100%
Type Info @PEGASUS1993 100%
torch.sparse @hijkzzz 100%
torch.cuda @bdqfork 100%
torch.Storage @yuange250 100%
torch.nn @yuange250 100%
torch.nn.functional @hijkzzz 100%
torch.nn.init @GeneZC 100%
torch.optim @qiaokuoyuan
Automatic differentiation package - torch.autograd @gfjiangly 100%
Distributed communication package - torch.distributed @univeryinli 100%
Probability distributions - torch.distributions @hijkzzz 100%
Torch Script @keyianpai 100%
Multiprocessing package - torch.multiprocessing @hijkzzz 100%
torch.utils.bottleneck @belonHan 100%
torch.utils.checkpoint @belonHan 100%
torch.utils.cpp_extension @belonHan 100% @BXuan694 100%
torch.utils.dlpack @kunwuz 100%
torch.hub @kunwuz 100%
torch.utils.model_zoo @BXuan694 100%
torch.onnx @guobaoyo 100%
Distributed communication package (deprecated) - torch.distributed.deprecated @luxinfeng
torchvision Reference @BXuan694 100%
torchvision.datasets @BXuan694 100%
torchvision.models @BXuan694 100%
torchvision.transforms @BXuan694 100%
torchvision.utils @BXuan694 100%



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